Upgraded to WordPress 3.0

The old adage (which I think I made up) about spend­ing more time geek­ing around with a WordPress in­stal­la­tion than ac­tu­al­ly writ­ing in the damned blog holds true, ladies and gentlemen.

I just fin­ished up­grad­ing this fine blog to the newly-stable WordPress 3.0.

In case you were won­der­ing and/or sit­ting on the edge of your seats, I took great care to:

  1. Disable all of my plu­g­ins
  2. Dump a copy of my WordPress MySQL data­base us­ing the aptly-titled mysql­dump
  3. tar a copy of my WordPress directory
  4. Do the upgrade!
  5. Re-enable the plu­g­ins one-by-one, mak­ing sure each works (or at least doesn’t break anything)

While I know not every­one is so lucky, I’m glad to see that every­thing ap­pears to work here, be­cause I’d be death­ly em­bar­rassed if, you know, Google or Bing’s we­bcrawler came by and things weren’t look­ing up to my usu­al standards.

Fine wine games

There is a cer­tain class of video game whose ex­is­tence I’ve been slow­ly dis­cov­er­ing over the last few years. Let’s call these fine wine games.

My idea of a fine wine game1 is one that is best ex­pe­ri­enced a bit at a time. You know, en­joyed in mod­er­a­tion. The kind you on­ly pick up and play every once in a while… be­cause it’s just that good.

Does that sound counter-intuitive? Why would you want to take it so slow­ly with some­thing so great? Well, here’s oth­er side of the coin: this sort of game al­so has an el­e­ment of rar­i­ty, or scarci­ty to it. It’s not the sort of game that prints mon­ey, sell­ing mil­lions of copies, so the chances of a se­quel be­ing made aren’t very good.

So en­joy the game it­self. Savor it as you go. Don’t cry be­cause there won’t be a se­quel; think of how lucky you are to play it in the first place! Wring every drop of en­joy­ment from the ex­pe­ri­ence that you can.

Here are a few games you’ll find in my cask:

Zack & Wiki (Nintendo Wii) The orig­i­nal fine wine game in my book. Critically ac­claimed; sold quite poor­ly. Chance of se­quel? Slim-to-none. Thus, I de­cid­ed that I’d on­ly play Zack & Wiki sparingly.

With save dates as my ba­sis, I’d es­ti­mate that I would pick it up every cou­ple of months, play for a day or two (enough time to strug­gle through my cur­rent lev­el feel­ing like the world’s biggest mo­ron un­til fi­nal­ly feel­ing like the world’s great­est ge­nius, which is what this game does to you). And then, back on the shelf it would go, to wait for the next time I’m in the mood for sa­vory gam­ing greatness.

Thus, de­spite hav­ing bought this game in 2008, I on­ly com­plet­ed it this past week­end. $40 so very, very well spent.

Soul Bubbles (Nintendo DS) While I bought my copy from an Amazon Marketplace sell­er, this game was re­leased in the U.S. as a Toys R Us-exclusive ti­tle. If this ar­ti­fi­cial­ly lim­it­ed its au­di­ence, that’s sim­ply un­for­tu­nate, be­cause this is a beau­ti­ful game… one that I tend to for­get all about for months on end be­fore re­dis­cov­er­ing it anew every time.

I’ve been tak­ing my time with Soul Bubbles, and have more than half of it (read: years of en­joy­ment) left to go!

Mother/EarthBound se­ries (Nintendo NES/SNES/GBA) Enough has been writ­ten about this se­ries of quirky, rather un-RPG-like RPGs, which have at­tract­ed a cult-like fol­low­ing. Thus, I’ll of­fer on­ly this quick as­sess­ment: the fact that English-speaking gamers have the op­por­tu­ni­ty to play any of the three games should be enough to make a fan thank their lucky stars.

While it could be said that three games re­leased over the course of fif­teen years ef­fec­tive­ly nul­li­fies any sup­posed rar­i­ty… hey, you know what? Fuck you. Nintendo trans­lat­ed Mother and then prompt­ly shelved the English ver­sion, Mother 2 (EarthBound) re­ceived one stinker of a U.S. mar­ket­ing cam­paign, and the English trans­la­tion of Mother 3 had to be un­der­tak­en by a team of in­cred­i­bly de­vot­ed fans.

Mother games in English are some mighty fine wine.

Cave Story (Windows, WiiWare, et al.) Cave Story is the work of one ded­i­cat­ed am­a­teur over the course of five years… work that was sim­ply giv­en away for free as a Windows game, and lat­er port­ed to a hand­ful of pop­u­lar plat­forms by fans.

I start­ed Cave Story a few times over the years, but the lack­lus­ter Linux port kept putting me off of it; I knew I should wait for a good port to be avail­able for a plat­form I use. The WiiWare ver­sion was re­leased a few months back, and the rest is his­to­ry. After years of an­tic­i­pa­tion, I swilled this one down in a de­cid­ed­ly non-fine-wine manner.


Whether games or oth­er me­dia, what do you con­sid­er to be your fine wine?

  1. Initially, the idea I had was that a game of this sort (it was Zack & Wiki that brought this to mind) would be en­joy­able to play quite lit­er­al­ly with a glass of wine, as this is the sort of game that would be best en­joyed at a re­lax­ing pace, in a chill at­mos­phere. But last week­end, I in­stead start­ed think­ing of these games metaphor­i­cal­ly; the game it­self is the wine. I liked that thought, and knew I had to write this post.