Oh, hey guys — I just in­vent­ed a new word.

tool­bogged /ˈtulˌbɒgged/
(v. in­tr; past par­tici­ple of toolbog)

To be­come so con­sumed by the process of re­search­ing and se­lect­ing gear (of­ten soft­ware) for a giv­en task that one nev­er ac­tu­al­ly com­pletes the task itself

I’ve been com­plete­ly tool­bogged try­ing to au­to­mate fix­ing the date and time on hun­dreds of RAW files from va­ca­tion last fall… that I nev­er even sort­ed the pics them­selves!1

  1. Based on a true sto­ry, sad­ly.