This is cool. Slash get off my lawn.

Slash: Not Just a Punctuation Mark Anymore

Two weeks ago, one stu­dent brought up the word slash as an ex­am­ple of new slang, and it quick­ly be­came clear to me that many stu­dents are us­ing slash in ways un­fa­mil­iar to me.


6. I need to go home and write my es­say slash take a nap.


12. JUST SAW ALEX! Slash I just chubbed on oat­meal raisin cook­ies at north quad and i miss you

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Movie Mom Advice from Netflix

Netflix has me trained pret­ty well — I know nev­er to read the red en­velopes that show up at my place. These days, the flip side is al­ways a pro­mo for some ex­clu­sive orig­i­nal se­ries I don’t care about. House of Cards is amaz­ing? That’s won­der­ful; let me know when I can ac­tu­al­ly stream some god­damn movies, okay?

That’s why I was sur­prised when tonight’s Netflix en­velopes ac­tu­al­ly man­aged to catch my eye. On my way back from the mail­box I found both clev­er­ly em­bla­zoned with dif­fer­ent life tips from movie moms. Tonight’s haul came wrapped in choice bits of Forrest Gump and Brave — time­ly for Mother’s Day and all that.


I won­der how many de­signs there ac­tu­al­ly are in the se­ries — I’m guess­ing far few­er than the hun­dreds the num­ber­ing sys­tem seems to sug­gest. I’ll be look­ing for more in a few days.

That’s ac­tu­al­ly pret­ty sweet of them. I’ll… be sure to let mom know.