An introduction

Hello, Internet. It’s Everett, and I’m blog­ging. I’m sort of new at this.

And at the same time, I’m not.

See, it was 2001 when I first be­came aware of the fact that peo­ple on the Web were writ­ing reg­u­lar­ly up­dat­ed, reverse-chronological con­tent about what they had for break­fast. I was a col­lege fresh­man. I took up my key­board and start­ed a blog1 that no longer ex­ists, on a ser­vice that I didn’t like very much (but is still around today).

After a few months there, I start­ed a LiveJournal that ex­ists to this day, but hasn’t been reg­u­lar­ly up­dat­ed in a num­ber of years. I was once a paid user of LiveJournal, an ac­knowl­edged con­trib­u­tor to the project and, sim­ply, a hu­mon­gous fan.

Something changed in my life, a few years lat­er, around the time I fin­ished col­lege. Perhaps I no longer felt the need to tell the world what I was hav­ing for break­fast (of course, to­day that’s Twitter’s job), or maybe my life got a lot less note­wor­thy (if it had ever been). Maybe LiveJournal’s mul­ti­ple changes in own­er­ship tar­nished its im­age. Or maybe all the cool kids moved on to pure so­cial net­work­ing ser­vices, which were com­ing of age at that point.

It was prob­a­bly a com­bi­na­tion of these things, plus an­oth­er big one: I was hired to work in a public-facing role at blogging/social networking/photo sharing/etc. ser­vice ex­tra­or­di­naire To be clear, Multiply didn’t si­lence me; I made sure I was al­lowed to con­tin­ue blog­ging else­where be­fore tak­ing the po­si­tion. But hav­ing a re­al job, one that had me among oth­er things, blog­ging, sim­ply wasn’t con­ducive to after-hours blogging.

With all of this in the past, I think it’s time I start blog­ging again. Everyone’s cat has a blog, in which they dis­cuss what they ate for break­fast, so why don’t I?

Okay, now I do.

  1. Though I was at the time un­aware of the term “blog,” which was by no means in com­mon use in 2001

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