The plugins behind the blog

I ap­pre­ci­ate the slick pub­lish­ing plat­form that WordPress pro­vides for my writ­ing. Perhaps even bet­ter is its plu­g­in sys­tem, which lets me make it do just about any­thing I like.

Since you wont find me churn­ing out PHP code of my own any­time soon (I ‘ve ac­tu­al­ly been mean­ing to take an­oth­er stab at to wrap­ping my brain around Python now that ver­sion 3 is out), I re­ly on the WordPress com­mu­ni­ty to do so for me. Fortunately, with near­ly 10,000 plu­g­ins avail­able, they seem up to the task!

When I set up my WordPress in­stal­la­tion ear­li­er this year, I promised my­self that I wouldn’t go over­board the way I usu­al­ly end up cus­tomiz­ing and ex­tend­ing most of the oth­er tech tools/toys in my life. Even while show­ing re­straint, I’ve man­aged to ac­cu­mu­late just over 20 plu­g­ins at this point… whoops! 1 That said, every plu­g­in I’m us­ing has helped make this blog what it is to­day… from one that mir­rors com­ments that peo­ple post on Google Buzz, to one that gives me a per-post space to brain­storm as I compose.

Thus, I’ve cre­at­ed an ‘About Plugins‘ page that prop­er­ly rec­og­nizes each one.

  1. The plu­g­ins ac­tu­al­ly seem to be im­pact­ing the blog’s per­for­mance; I need to take a clos­er look in­to just where the in­ef­fi­cien­cies lie.

4 thoughts on “The plugins behind the blog”

  1. I’ve actu­ally been mean­ing to take an­oth­er stab at to wrap­ping my brain around Python now that v. 3 is out

    I hear that Think Python is a good book.

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, Prakash! I’ll have a look; I quite like the look of it so far (it’s free :-).

      The oth­er at­tempt I made was with Learning Python. I got about 1/3 of the way through that book be­fore I hit a wall: the book wasn’t re­al­ly en­cour­ag­ing me to ap­ply the things I was learn­ing as I learned them. I tried Dive Into Python, but found my­self con­fused rather quickly.

      1. The very first sen­tence of the Dive Into Python site states:

        Dive Into Python is a Python book for ex­pe­ri­enced programmers.

        I guess it would be more use­ful as a sec­ond, or third, Python book, if one has no pri­or pro­gram­ming experience.

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