Can we just drop this?

If you’re not a rap­per pro­mot­ing your new al­bum — and es­pe­cial­ly if you’re a non-rapper who works in mar­ket­ing — can you do us a fa­vor and not use “drop” to mean “the date on which [my thing] is set to be released”?

I’m sor­ry you’ve cho­sen e-mail spam or what­ev­er the fuck you do for a liv­ing, but talk­ing about the day your new cam­paign or what­ev­er “drops” doesn’t make you sound hip or hard or whatever.

There is one ac­cept­able use out­side the rap game: are you a preg­nant woman dis­cussing the date your kid is due to be born? Then that’s… ac­tu­al­ly to­tal­ly cool.

“Lil’ shorty drops November 7th. Yeah.”
–Expectant mother

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