This is relevant to my interests

I just clicked my first ban­ner ad in years. It was­n’t by accident.

Dear mar­keters, this is how you do it:


No, of course I did­n’t buy anything.

3 thoughts on “This is relevant to my interests”

  1. That is pret­ty cool. Typ­i­cal­ly, I’m pur­sued online by a lot of scam­my ads when clear­ly I should be hound­ed by ads for high-grade lux­u­ry prod­ucts and smart stuff. 

    That Google does­n’t seem to think I’m wor­thy… well, it kin­da hurts.

    1. Well Tom, maybe the smart stuff can be count­ed on to sell itself to smart peo­ple. (Does that make me a heretic? I don’t know these things.) Maybe try being less smart and after a while, once you end up in the oth­er cohort, they’ll start tar­get­ing you.

      But what would those ads even look like? “Rare earth mag­nets! They make great faux tongue piercings!”

      1. I’m more con­cerned with Google’s view on this. Do they think I’m unwor­thy of better-quality spam? Do they dis­like me? Did I offend Google at a par­ty or slight one of Google’s friends online? 

        It’s these kinds of things that keep me up at night.

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