The right way to eat a Reese’s

Per­haps as a copy­writer, but more like­ly as a con­sumer of media, ads tend to stick in my head, and the tagline that claimed there’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s has stuck bet­ter than most. I’m sur­prised to find that, at least accord­ing to the Wikipedia arti­cle, the tagline has­n’t been in use for some time now!

I’d still like to chal­lenge the claim… or at least pro­pose that one method may be supe­ri­or to oth­ers, if you val­ue chocolate-free fin­gers. I under­stand that there is some­times enough over­hang from the paper lin­ing so that it’s pos­si­ble to remove it with­out get­ting choco­late on one’s fin­gers, but this is hard­ly a sure bet.

(This… erm, life­hack, is sug­gest­ed for use with Reese’s Minis. The same prin­ci­ple could be applied to full-size Reese’s, but as we will see in step four, these are miss­ing some­thing important!)

step one

1. Place can­dy on a flat sur­face and admire it. (Option­al­ly pho­to­graph it, if unwrap­ping for the pur­pose of a how-to blog.)

step two

2. Unwrap foil as normal.

step three

3. Fold two oppo­site cor­ners of foil inwards.

step four

4. (The impor­tant step) Grip the two fold­ed cor­ners with thumbs, with the fold­ed cor­ners ser­vice as a buffer between your thumbs and the choco­late. Apply force with thumbs and fore­fin­gers to sep­a­rate paper lin­ing from chocolate.

step five

5. Admire, but only for a moment. There’s can­dy wait­ing to be enjoyed!

step six

6. Enjoy (assum­ing you enjoy this sort of thing)!

3 thoughts on “The right way to eat a Reese’s”

  1. I am real­ly quite impressed!

    Next you should inves­ti­gate how many licks it takes to get to the Toot­sie Roll cen­ter of a Toot­sie Pop. :)

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